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Creative Ideas That Inspire

KONGA®, at Funk & Twist Fitness in Basingstoke, England, is a high-intensity offering that incorporates elements of boxing, cardio, dance and sculpt. The program vibe is fierce and wild, and sessions are set to upbeat music designed to inspire and motivate. The class is updated each month with fresh choreography so that participants don’t become bored or hit fitness plateaus. It’s appropriate for all levels, from beginners to seasoned fitness enthusiasts.

DJ Cycling at Cycle Guroo in Naples, Florida, is a 45-minute ride that’s designed to challenge both body and mind. A live DJ amps up the energy volume of this high-intensity interval experience. This group session is appropriate for all fitness levels, and individuals can modify the session to fit their pace. Performance results are displayed on flat-screen televisions—but if this makes participants feel uncomfortable, they can ask the instructor to remove their results.

Elevate Your High, at Runner’s High Studio in Chicago, offers runners a well-rounded workout. It combines sprints, hills and paced running to push and motivate participants to find their edge. This tactic combines several facets of a running practice to provide a full workout for practitioners. Runners of all levels are welcome, and as studio owner Jeff Levy notes in recent press coverage, “we’re all doing the same course at the same time, but at our own speeds.”

LED Sabre, offered at the Silver Sabres Combat Academy® at multiple locations throughout the United Kingdom, is a combat sport that combines traditional martial arts with theater. This unique program utilizes LED sabers (think Star Wars!) and is offered to both adults and children. Participants learn discipline and mindfulness through exercise, sparring and games. As this offering is inspired by popular science fiction, participants are welcome to compete in full costume. The combat style borrows techniques from historical European sword fighting, as well as traditional Chinese martial arts.

Power Paws Fitness is offered at outdoor parks throughout London and allows participants to work out with their dogs! The class allows people to walk their dogs and workout at the same time. The high-intensity interval sessions are designed to encourage the dogs to join in on the fitness fun with their human sidekicks. But not to worry, the vibe is playful and relaxed: If the dogs don’t want to join in, they get to play with the other furry pals while practitioners finish their workouts.

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