Pyrolates™, performed on the Mega–former™, is offered at Firebrand™ Sports in Portland, Oregon. The class utilizes the Lagree Fitness method, which is founded on the idea that a workout doesn't need to be long to be effective. This experience aims to combine the flexibility, alignment and therapeutic benefits of Pilates and yoga; the intensity and strength training found in CrossFit®; and the cardio of running or cycling. This complete, full-body workout is low impact and minimizes wear and tear on the body.

Adults Circus Fit, at Spaghetti Circus Inc. in Mullumbimby, Australia, provides a playful alternative to a traditional fitness class. Suitable for beginner through intermediate levels, it covers a broad range of activities, including tumbling, handstands, acrobatics and aerial techniques. Participants learn better body alignment, increase strength and improve flexibility.

Stretch, at Core Collective in London, is designed to target specific muscle groups to aid mobility, recovery and injury prevention. The floor-based sessions alternate between upper and lower body, and work through a variety of passive and active stretches. This accessible and relaxing class is intended for all levels of flexibility, and it counterbalances a vigorous training regimen.

AG6™, at Asphalt Green in New York City, incorporates PRAMA technology, which features pressure-sensitive walls and floors with integrated LED lights and sounds. This creates an immersive fitness experience in which the walls and floors light up, emit sound and act as your competitor, teammate or target. The workout itself is high-intensity and circuit-based, and improves reaction time, increases functional movement and maximizes output.

Gymja Warrior in Danvers, Massachusetts, offers Little Ninjas, Young Ninjas and Rising Ninjas, age-appropriate classes for children and teenagers. The program challenges students with obstacle courses and Parkour-inspired drills that develop upper- and lower-body strength, endurance, agility, mental focus, coordination and creative movement. The courses inspire students to improve their mental and physical abilities while teaching skills such as problem-solving and goal-setting. Additionally, students learn to overcome fear as well as develop physical fitness.

The program at Girls Standing Strong in West Perth, Australia, consists of Strong Mind, Strong Body and Strong Heart classes. Together these offerings provide a system of complete mind-body wellness for teenage girls. The classes are designed to help girls get active, develop strength and cultivate a positive relationship with their bodies. Girls are encouraged to improve their health and body image, as well as manage stress and build inner strength and resilience.