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Creative Ideas That Inspire

Shaka Fitness® in Cleveland puts a new twist on an old favorite with

SUP Pool Yoga.

While yoga on a standup paddleboard is not a new idea—especially in locations where people have access to ocean or lakes—this offering utilizes an indoor pool. This allows participants to experience the core-strengthening and balance-training benefits of yoga on the water year-round. Even better, the predictability of indoor weather conditions allows the facility to maintain a consistent schedule.


(Diverse Dance Mix) was created by Darcy Bussell, former principal ballerina with The Royal Ballet, and Nathan Clarke, and is offered at multiple locations in England. The concept provides an accessible experience without the intimidation that can often accompany the word “dance.” DDMIX blends dance styles from around the world, and fun is the top priority. The instructors incorporate a noncorrectional style of instruction, so participants can meet their fitness goals without feeling excluded.

At New York Jedi in New York City, participants work up a sweat while also honing their Jedi skills in the

Lightsaber Class
. According to the website, this choreographed combat fitness session is taught by “experienced dancers, martial artists and cosplayers.” Participants learn the three types of hits—rebound, follow-through and lock—that will serve as a foundation for Lightsaber Stage Combat classes.

, at Pura Vida Fitness
Spa in Denver, “merges music and movement in an unconventional way,” according to the instructor’s website. Created by Natalie Uhling, the high-energy class is an opportunity for people to connect to their “true, athletic selves” through a fusion of cardio and strengthening movements. Participants of all fitness levels are encouraged to discover the depths of their strength.

Holy Roller,

at Wanderlust Hollywood, in Hollywood, California, combines the yang of vinyasa yoga with the yin of self myofascial release. It begins with an hour of vigorous yoga flow so participants can sweat and get warmed up. Everyone is then given a bag of self-bodywork tools, which are used to aid in deep-tissue release. As explained on the studio’s website, the technique “assists in releasing pain, opening locked muscles and facilitating proper posture and quality sleep.”

, provided at locations nationwide, is a holistic fitness system that inspires women to love and nurture their bodies. To encourage stress release and calorie burn, the first half of class is dedicated to cardio moves inspired by belly dance, Bollywood and African dance. The second half blends key elements of Pilates core work and yoga stretches to sculpt, tone and open the body, and ends with a mindful meditation practice.

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