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Creative Ideas That Inspire

Afreaka Aerials, offered at the Oxsrad Sports Centre in Oxford,
England, is a circus-inspired aerial fitness class. One of the benefits
of aerial exercise is that it introduces participants to the instability
of suspension, which requires more controlled muscle activation. Working
about 26 feet off the floor with silk aerial fabrics, participants can
imagine that the sky really is the limit in this highly intense
physical activity.

While not exclusive to men, Yo-Bro YOGA at RIO Pilates & Yoga
Studio in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is a high-energy class that allows
practitioners to explore their physical limits. Catering to the
masculine energies of both men and women, the program offers
techniques for strength building and endurance—as well as opportunities
for arm balances and inversions. Participants are rewarded for their
efforts with craft beer at the end of class.

On the flip side, women seeking to express their femininity can do so in Buti
at Bethel Fitness and Wellness Center in Bethel, Connecticut.
In a “female empowerment” class that fuses yoga, tribal dance and
plyometrics, participants experience a workout for both body and spirit.
In this safe space, women unleash their inner goddesses and explore
their own strength.

Pool Barre, created in Cambridge, Massachusetts, by Pam Bennett
at Wellbridge Athletic Club, takes the concepts of a barre class into
the water. Incorporating the resistance of water adds an extra element
of challenge to this already versatile exercise method. “My participants
inspire me every day to keep classes on the cutting edge,” says Bennett.
“I always want to keep them wanting more and different [exercises].”
This fusion of water and land styles gets clients to stay on their
toes—and to dip in the water.

At the Eden Community Center in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, there’s a fun
session for kids called Art, Athletics and Academics (AAA).
Running from 7:30 am to noon on Saturday mornings, the program caters to
children aged 6 months to 7 years. During this time there are art
projects, fitness classes—such as Zumba® Kids and Kids’ Yoga—and
opportunities for academic tutoring.

Kelly Ross, a fitness instructor and licensed therapist, seeks to
address both physical and mental health with Sunshine Chats.
Offered at Romeo-Washington-Bruce Parks and Recreation in Romeo,
Michigan, this class provides an hour-long high-intensity interval
workout followed by a 60-minute group therapy session in which
participants can share their experiences and challenges surrounding
topics like body image and nutrition. According to the website, the idea
is to “walk out of each hour-long chat session feeling mentally
stronger, emotionally capable and relieved of physical angst.”

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