EastSide Centre in East Peoria, Illinois, gives its members a blast from the past with Retro-Cardio. The schedule touts the 60-minute timeslot as “an aerobics class from the good old days” and features a high-low floor routine combined with strength training.

Helen Garabedian, an infant developmental movement educator and registered yoga teacher, created Itsy Bitsy Yoga® for “your baby, tot or tyke.” The program includes more than 125 yoga poses for babies from birth to age 4 that are “developmentally nutritious and deepen the parent/child bond.”

Piloxing is motivating patrons at V Pilates Studio in Toluca Lake, California, to don boxing gloves and do Pilates. According to the description on the V Pilates Studio website, the class is “a creative mix between Pilates and boxing geared toward women, with a mental and physical goal of attaining a sleek, sexy and powerful self-image.”

“There is no other exercise that contains two extremes,” says Viveca Jensen, creator of Piloxing. “The powerful feeling of boxing, throwing solid punches, then transferring your body movements into Pilates and feeling like a ballerina, are both extreme workouts, yet both share the common ground of working from the core region.”

Pumped and Peeled is an “adrenaline-pumping cardio session” offered by Fitcorp in the Boston area. The full-body workout incorporates plyometrics and high-volume resistance training.

M.O.D.A. stands for “Michelle Obama Defined Arms” and is offered by the Running Center LLC in New York City. The 60-minute class focuses on strengthening arms using bands, free weights and body weight. Partner exercises are included in the circuit, which also targets chest, back and core muscles.

IDEA member Terry Stocker teaches several classes at the various senior centers and assisted living facilities in the Cape Cod, Massachusetts, area. Dem Bones is an osteoporosis prevention program that includes light weight-bearing activity, strengthening and stretching. Twinges
in the Hinges
is a gentle range-of-motion workout that is performed seated and
created for people who have arthritis.

The KSC Fitness Centers in Cape Canaveral, Florida, feature Hit All the Bases on their schedules. The full-body workout uses a variety of tools, including balls, bands, steps, BOSU® Balance Trainers, free weights, body weight and more.