Earning your first fitness certification is only the beginning of a successful career. Continuously seeking knowledge is a vital component to staying on top of trends and staying current on the latest exercise science guidelines. Honing your skillset through continuing education opportunities will allow you to better provide clients with safe and innovative training opportunities. When equipped with a toolbox full of experience and education, you are better prepared to create a sustainable career. FiTOUR® ProTrainer Lisa Lorraine Taylor, who has a BS in holistic nutrition, encourages fitness pros to pursue learning opportunities. She says, “Throughout my 26-year career, continuing my education has been just as important if not more so than achieving my certification. Increasing knowledge through educational opportunities ensures that fitness pros are providing clients sound information and programming.”

For a fitness trainer just setting out on a career, the variety of continuing education courses offered can be quite overwhelming. Internationally renowned fitness presenter Abbie Appel gives advice for fresh fitness pros: “At the beginning of your career, don’t try to be a Jack or Jill of all trades. Start with what you do well and get even better at it. Basically, select education that will increase your knowledge and help hone your skills. Find a format you enjoy and that excites you the most and become the best at it.”

As the years pass and your career evolves, stay fresh and engaged by continuously seeking out new information and adopting new methods. Branching out and exploring new methods will expand your repertoire and experience. The more experience and better understanding you have of different modalities and philosophies, the better you will be able to guide clients to finding what works best for them.

Tracy Markley who, in addition to being a FiTOUR® ProTrainer, is an author, fitness educator and expert in stroke recovery says, “Knowledge is power. Gaining knowledge through study and obtaining knowledge through experience is a continuum. The more knowledge and experience I have the more clients I gain. The more clients I gain leads to more experience and knowledge. This continuum will be forever.”

When it comes to creating a sustainable career that will last a lifetime, be open to the inevitable changes that will come as you age and evolve. Decide early in your career to look to the future. Choose educational opportunities that allow you to diversify and develop knowledge and skills which will be needed to meet the inevitable changes that the evolution of aging brings. As you and your clients age, your skillset will change and the needs of your clients will change. Education is key to understanding how to create adaptations to programming as you and your clients evolve.

High Quality Affordable Education Opportunities

FiTOUR® is a powerful educational resource for fitness pros. We provide high-quality programming based on up-to-date exercise science that is both convenient and affordable. Our learning opportunities include free webinars and affordable on-line courses which include trending topics such as suspension training, barre, myofascial release, high intensity interval training, boot camp training and nutrition. In addition, FiTOUR® offers a full complement of certification courses for personal training, group ex instructor, yoga, Pilates, aqua fitness, indoor cycling and more.