“One day can change your whole life.” This is the slogan for Global Wellness Day, celebrated on the second Saturday of June, which falls on the 13th this year.

Global Wellness Day is a “social project dedicated to living well.” The purpose is to ask, “How can I live a healthier and better life?” This is a question fitness professionals ask themselves everyday, and it’s also embedded in their training philosophies. Global Wellness Day encourages people to recognize the value of their lives; be free from stress and bad habits; make peace with themselves; and raise awareness about living well.

Originally celebrated in Turkey in 2012, Global Wellness Day was the first day dedicated to living well and is now celebrated at 8,000 different locations in more than 150 countries. Create a day of celebration around June 13 this year—taking into account social-distancing guidelines—and inspire your clients and community to ask mindful questions.