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Career Path for Personal Trainers

Tricks of the Trade

The best networking I do with trainers is at industry events or certification workshops. The settings are naturally conducive to meeting and discussing ideas with others in the field. With regard to branching out to other health professionals, I am quite lucky to have been a long-term patient of a top-notch local chiropractor. It is quite easy networking with him. In fact, my very first client was his wife!

Molding a Mighty Mission

Reinvigorating your business requires that you examine where you are now and envision where you want to be in the future. In the June issue we discussed how to evaluate your personal needs and values…

Do You Know What You’re Doing Right?

We’re all very good at beating ourselves up when we make a mistake. When was the last time you asked your clients what they like about your company, program design or customer services? As Peter Drucker once said, “We should spend at least as much time understanding our strengths as we do our weaknesses.”

Financing Your New Business

You’ve decided to start your own personal training business. You’ve conducted a realistic assessment of the market and created a working business plan, so you know how much money you need to finance your start-up. Where do you get that money?

Navigating Personal Trainer Certifications

Mainstream consumers are starting to embrace personal training, currently one of the leading growth trends in the fitness industry. Once considered within the reach only of celebrities and wealthy socialites, personal fitness trainer (PFT) services are now valued by more people, and more of them are willing to pay. Leading fitness centers throughout the U.S. have thriving personal training programs.

Capitalizing on a Reduced Schedule

Has your schedule suddenly opened up? If you are a group exercise instructor, perhaps the number of classes you teach has been reduced; or, as a personal trainer, maybe you have lost a couple of clients who have moved away, gone on vacation or simply decided to exercise on their own. Now you find the hours of your day, once jam-packed with work, stretching endlessly before you.

Fitness Fame and Fortune

Petra Kolber, the 2001 IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year, says the number-one question she gets from convention participants is “How do I become a presenter?” Taking your love of fitness to new levels by sharing your ideas as a presenter is a terrific way to gain recognition from your peers and stay motivated in your career. But getting to the international fitness stage takes more than passion and enthusiasm—it takes years of financial investment, perseverance, business smarts and savvy marketing.

Taking a New Product to Market

Some of you may already have a clearly formed concept of a particular product or service you want to market. Others may wish to create something but feel unsure how to zero in on a particular product. Regardless of where you are today, taking the time to honestly complete the following statements can help you figure out where you want to be tomorrow.

1. The things I am most passionate about are _______.
2. I am very knowledgeable on the topic(s) of _______ .
3. What really gets me excited is _______.

IDEA Stats: How Do You Set Your Fees?

Fee-for-service models are preferred by 57% of IDEA members who responded to the 2003 IDEA Fitness Programs & Equipment Survey. Even those who use a membership dues model are charging for some programs.
These were the options offered on the questionnaire:
annual membership dues access all programs offered

annual membership dues plus separate fee for some classes or programs

pay for individual session/class or “package” of sessions or classes

Put On Your Game Face

It’s the championship game and the competition is stiff. The coach has given his speech. It’s time to get on the field. Put on your game face!
Game face is a well-known expression in the sports arena, but it’s also applicable in the fitness profession. Consider this familiar scenario: It’s 8:00 pm. You’ve been working since 6:00 in the morning. This is your last client of the day. Are you ready to give your all?

Career Metamorphosis

You pride yourself on your dedication to helping clients maximize their health and fitness; but to continue helping clients, you need to stay engaged and enthusiastic about your work. How do you do this? Many people manage to stay fresh through change.
Is it time for you to make a radical or more subtle change in your career? Look at how other fitness professionals have shifted their careers: why they’ve changed, what they are doing now and how it’s benefited them.

Trends in Corporate Fitness

In the
mid-1990s, corporate
fitness was on a roll. With a strong economy, companies were competing to hire and keep
the best
employees. Corporate fitness programs were considered
a valuable perk to
retain these employees.> Fastforward to 2004. Has the once sunny forecast for corporate fitness held steady? Or have economic storms brought it crashing down? Is it currently a viable career option for fitness professionals? Here’s a look at the status of this niche, including top trends in group fitness, personal training and wellness programs.

Why did you decide to pursue a master’s degree? How did you manage both going to school and working?

Should I get a master’s degree? I strongly debated this question at the time with friends, colleagues and members of my advisory board. I had already developed a good personal training client base and was happy with how other areas of the business were going. Through my conversations with my board members and others, I looked at my long-term goals of writing textbooks, lecturing, teaching and making the occupation of personal training more professional.
I realized that to be recognized as a professional I would need to get a master’s degree.

So You Want Your Own PFT Business?

The Start-Up
By Justin Price, MA

So You Want Your Own PFT Business?
Don’t let your plan fail because you’ve failed to plan. My personal training career progressed in the way most personal trainers’ careers do: I first worked for a gym, then worked as an independent contractor and then was in charge of a high-end personal training studio in London. However, I wanted more. I always wanted to own my…

networking for introverts

Envision the following scenario: You’re in a crowded room full of fitness professionals. Business cards are flying out of pockets as if possessed. Handshakes occur at a rate that makes a NASCAR race look like a slow crawl. There is a constant hum from the sound of voices weaving together in a cheerful harmony.

Public Speaking Rx

Just a few months ago, an 8-year-old boy had a 2-year-old bike collecting dust in the garage. His mother’s efforts to get the boy to ride were met with much resistance. So many other things came more easily for him; he simply was not eager to try this challenging activity. His mother was convinced his first wheels would be those on a car.

The boy became more frustrated every time his mother encouraged him to try riding. She too began to get apprehensive. If he fell, the mishap was of course all her fault.

From the Ground Up

We have all heard the expression, “Hindsight is 20-20.” Today, looking back 16 years at the start of my personal training career, I can see clearly how everything worked out for me—though things might not…

Owners and Managers

As a member of IDEA Health & Fitness Association, I will be guided by the best interests of the client. I will provide facilities and staff for effective exercise and lifestyle programs; ensure that staff maintains the education and experience necessary to appropriately train clients; uphold fair business practices and safety guidelines; and use truth, fairness and integrity to guide all my professional decisions and relationships.

Eat Less to Live Longer

In an era when everything from sport utility vehicles to hamburgers comes “supersized,” the notion that less is more may seem terribly out-of-date. But when it comes to calories, eating fewer may very well turn…

Personal Training on Demand

As a personal trainer the only option you have to provide personalized service is to give one-on-one sessions, right? Many clients can’t afford that. You may decide to do small-group training, but what about clients…

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