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Eight Ways to “Age” Your Business

By Colin Milner | May 31, 2004 |

By Colin Milner

Eight Ways to “Age” Your Business
Implement these action steps to appeal to an aging population. According to the World Health Organization (2002), “Older people spend more of their income on health than any other need or activity.” In addition, a recent study reports that the “anti-aging” movement is on the rise, currently accounting for $45 billion in tummy tucks, faci…

Top Dog on the Web

By Joe Dysart | May 31, 2004 |

By Joe Dysart

Top Dog on the Web
How personal trainers have found a back door to top-10 status on Internet search engines. Given that there are scores of ways to promote your personal training business on the Web for free, actually paying for an extremely high ranking on a search engine rankles a lot of people. But for firms with Web promotion funds to spend, paying for guaranteed, hig…

Here Comes the Bride

By Judd Handler | February 29, 2004 |

Are you leveraging your personal training knowledge, developing new revenue streams within your business and distinguishing yourself from other trainers?
Consider marketing to people who need to train for a special occasion, such as a wedding, formal dance, landmark birthday, class reunion or spring break. Clients getting ready for a special occasion will be highly motivated to reach their goal, be it fitting into a wedding dress or having “ripped” abs for a trip to the beach.

News Flash!

By Amanda Vogel, MA | April 30, 2003 |

The most obvious benefit of a newsletter is its marketing power: You can gain exposure by using it to promote your training services, advertise special events and sales, lead clients to your Web site and sell products. A carefully crafted newsletter also plays a key role in building solid relationships with clients.

Know Your Market Niche

By IDEA Authors | February 28, 2003 |

Since the mid-1990s, the fitness industry has been readying itself for a rising tide of older adults. Fitness professionals have grown with this nich market, trying to anticipate its needs and learning on a daily basis which direction to take. While we don’t have all the answers to what the best modifications are, what the proper marketing plan is or whatever even whether to call these clients “seniors” or “older adults” (or both), we do know there is a need for specialized fitness services.

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