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Fitness Facility Membership by the Numbers

In 2016 America, traditional commercial health clubs—multipurpose, fitness-only and corporate facilities—served 32.2 million members, a 3% decline from 2015, according to the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association. Studios served another 18.2 million, a 15% improvement.
Nonprofit facility membership rose 6.9% from 2015 to more than 24 million. Collectively,
studio facilities claimed 40.7% of total membership.

Most Popular Club Activities

The three types of workout equipment used most often in health clubs in 2016 were treadmills, resistance machines and free weights, according to the IHRSA 2017 Health Club Consumer Report. Among group exercise and training programs, yoga topped the list, with 36% of members reporting participation. Stretching (24%) and calisthenics (23%) ranked second and third.

Do Rewards Encourage Gym Visits?

Researchers from Case Western University in Cleveland wanted to determine if providing gifts to new gym members would incite them to visit the gym on a regular basis. The scientists specifically chose new members, theorizing that this group’s motivation to go to the gym was high.

IHRSA Global Report Shows Worldwide Growth

The International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association has released its annual global report, and it shows great promise for the fitness industry. According to The 2017 IHRSA Global Report: The State of the Health Club Industry, global health club revenue reached $83.1 billion in 2016. The report also showed that 162.1 million members visited 201,000 facilities last year.

Get in the Game!

Fitness facilities compete to offer cutting-edge movement trends, but what about cutting-edge technology? The fitness world is becoming ever more virtual, and incoming clients are looking for more than a fun indoor cycling class or a cool cardio machine; they want to play a game!

Beach exercise

Sample Class: Kids’ Beach Boot Camp

Kids don't usually line up to do squats and lunges, but they'll happily walk like a crab or run faster than a wave! Trick your littlest clients (aged 3—12) into getting a great workout with this quick–moving format packed with cleverly themed exercises.
Kids' Beach Boot Camp Details Goal: to engage kids and keep them moving while they have fun and feel successful Total time: 55—60 minutes Equipment needed:

What’s Your Exit Strategy?

Have you heard the saying "Begin with the ending in mind"? Over the years, this axiom has probably helped you solve complex math problems, create a science–fair project, or even write a research paper. But you may have forgotten this sage advice when it comes to planning something with even higher stakes: your career.

What’s Hot in Equipment: Fitness Pro Favorites

Fitness professionals like their equipment—from "tried-and-true" to "oh, so new." And equipment companies like to fill convention halls with fresh gear to help trainers and clients hit their goals. Of course, fitness pros also enjoy new gadgets for the pure thrill of them—and will sometimes go for equipment that targets a fun goal over a hypertrophy goal, for example.

Creative Ideas That Inspire

H.I.I.P. Hype (High-Intensity Interval Painting) in New York challenges body, mind and creativity. Ninety–minute sessions begin with a warm-up followed by short intervals of high-intensity body-weight exercises interspersed with periods of painting. The energy participants generate while exercising helps them express themselves more freely when they paint, according to organizers. The last 15 minutes of class are reserved for a cool-down, as well as painting presentations. Mats and art materials are provided.

“How did you finance your personal training business or studio when you started it?”

The journey I took to open my own facility was long and happened in small steps. I was working in a big gym in Washington, D.C., when I decided it was time to step out on my own. My landlord was also a client, and when I told her what my intentions were, she suggested moving out of my studio and into a one-bedroom apartment in the same building. I turned the living room into the workout space and used the bedroom as my living space. I financed the move through what little savings I had, $2,000, plus a $1,500 loan from my parents.

Gym Memberships Pay Off

Many people who want to join gyms are skeptical that it will actually help them reach their fitness goals. A new study from Iowa State University may assuage those doubts—and help gyms to convert more browsers into buyers. According to the research, published in PLOS ONE (2017; http://dx.doi.org/10.1371/jour
nal.pone.0170471), gym members tend to have significantly higher levels of strength and cardiorespiratory fitness and are generally more active than nonmembers.

Sustainability Important For Gym-Goers, Says Survey

When it comes to exercise, people might give greater effort if there’s more at stake than calories or improved performance. A recent survey suggests that gym-goers might be motivated to work harder if their energy is converted to power for the gym.

Least Active Cities in the U.S.

Each year, the Sports & Fitness Industry Association conducts national online interviews to determine activity participation, activities of choice, and other sport- and fitness-related statistics throughout the U.S. One data point involves activity levels by city. After compiling and analyzing responses from 32,658 interviews for the 2016 Tracking the Fitness Movement report, SFIA determined which parts of the country could need extra motivation to move in 2017. Here is SFIA’s list of the 10 least active cities/metropolitan areas:

Creative Ideas That Inspire

At several City Surf Fitness locations in Texas and Louisiana,

City Surf

offers participants the benefits of surfing—even though there aren’t any waves nearby. According to the website, the class is taught on SURFSET® RipSurfer X boards and features “fun surf-inspired movements, utilizing surfer-specific muscle groups.” Classes are open to every fitness level, and instructors provide modifications for more or less intensity.

Creative Ways to Finance Your Business

At some point in your personal training career you may seek financial support. Before locking in a traditional loan, you might look into these alternative sources for funding your new gym or business venture.

Creative Ideas That Inspire

While not exclusive to men, Yo-Bro YOGA at RIO Pilates & Yoga
Studio in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is a high-energy class that allows
practitioners to explore their physical limits. Catering to the
masculine energies of both men and women, the program offers
techniques for strength building and endurance—as well as opportunities
for arm balances and inversions. Participants are rewarded for their
efforts with craft beer at the end of class.

Creative Ideas That Inspire

At multiple locations throughout the country, Equinox offers

The Pursuit,

an indoor cycling experience that combines video game technology and visuals to create a competitive and interactive ride. There are two class options available—


which aims for maximum calorie expenditure, and


suited for cyclists who focus on distance and endurance.

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