Are you maximizing your potential in your health coaching business? Are you finding that individual coaching or personal training is not paying off financially or emotionally? Expand your horizons by diversifying your talents. Grow your revenue, motivation and message by bringing health coaching to corporations, executives and the public at large.

Taking fitness testing to the office is a unique strategy to reach sedentary individuals and provide them with information and education. It is also a way to establish yourself as a valuable professional health coach. Don’t confine yourself to the gym walls; you can bring your passion for health, coaching skills and testing toolbox to the workplace.

Springboard to Health

With ever-increasing job pressures and family obligations, fewer people are making the time to exercise and are becoming disconnected from their own bodies. Boardroom fitness testing was my inspiration to help reach time-challenged
office workers. Done in the office setting, it can fuel people’s willingness to begin to exercise and stimulate self-care. After
revisiting some testing protocols, I began to contact companies to implement the following program evaluation tailored to boardroom or office space.


The good news is that you can do boardroom fitness testing with just a small amount of equipment. All the tools needed for the assessments fit in a milk crate, which can be rolled on a wheeled cart. The tools and crate fit comfortably into a car. You can present these fitness assessments to several offices on one floor or in one building or in offices across town, all in one afternoon.

On the day of the evaluations, roll your milk crate into the boardroom or office provided and set up test stations. Detail risks and benefits of the tests in a consent-and-release form that you e-mail to the office days prior to the testing. Also include a readiness questionnaire or Par-Q. Invite clients, one at a time, into the testing room, and review their Par-Qs and signed consent forms. Out of courtesy to the other workers and the client being tested, close the door. Work through all the stations or the ones of each client’s choosing. Conclude the session with a
results review and allow time for questions and concerns. For any individuals who would like further clarity, guidance or goal-strategizing, encourage them to schedule a follow-up coaching session with you and to sign up to receive your
e-zine or newsletter, if you have one.

The fitness testing and results discussion can take up to 45 minutes per person. For convenience, offer a 30-minute follow-up session via telephone. Include all services as part of a written agreement between you and the company prior to your site visit. Because you can never be certain until the day of testing which workers will actually participate, you will need to bill your time in an invoice to the company after the testing is completed. I bill worksite testing at $149 per hour, which is also my 1-hour personal training fee. I also bill the company $75 for each 30-minute telephone follow-up session.

As a courtesy, schedule a telephone
interview with a company representative after the testing. This call is a means of evaluating the success of the visit. You will want to listen carefully, inquire about the overall impact of your program, get feedback on what worked well and what needs improvement and discuss any
future potential plans or support.

Finding Clients

The boardroom fitness testing work I have done came about from personal contacts with company owners or chief executive officers. I met them all through my work as a personal trainer. To keep the message of health continually alive in the minds of my clients, whether they are presently working with me or not, I send them regular e-zines. When the occasion occurs, clients or former clients are happy to recommend my services, but they need to keep being reminded of what I offer.
I have also sent letters and brochures via direct mail to a target group of professionals and run a small ad in a local paper to generate potential fitness testing clients.

Invent Your
Own Profit Center

Be creative in the services you provide to help people improve their health and fitness. You may like the idea of boardroom fitness testing or you may have a different approach. Add your own signature to integrative fitness in the workplace. Define your own way of bringing wellness home. Go beyond business as usual and take it where it has never gone before. Carry your wellness vision in your heart, and grow it one client at a time.