Do your clients frequently skip breakfast or lunch and then get hit with snack attacks during the day? Are you guilty of avoiding meals in your rush from client to client? You’re not alone.

A new survey, sponsored by the makers of Ensure nutritionals, the American Association of Working People and the Institute for Health and Productivity Management, found that 32 percent of American workers skip breakfast or lunch nearly every day. Eighty-nine percent of workers admit to snacking during their workday, with more than half of respondents gobbling down less nutritious foods such as chips, candy, cookies or doughnuts.

Hunger was the number one motivator (61%) given for workday snacking; the need for energy was cited by more than half of respondents while 23 percent claimed it was stress. Younger workers (18-24-year-olds) were twice as likely to attribute their snacking to boredom than any other age group.