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autism & kids’ diets

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Despite questionable anecdotal evidence
espoused by celebrities like Jenny McCarthy,
a panel of experts led by a Harvard Medical School researcher has determined that special diets do not improve autism in children.

The findings, which appeared in the January issue of the journal Pediatrics, were compiled and written by more than 25 experts who reviewed the current body of scientific literature on autism. The consensus report found no evidence that special diets helped improve the condition or that autistic children were more prone to digestive problems compared with other kids. According to an Associated Press estimate, approximately 20% of children with autism are put on a special diet.appetizers
Here’s a taste of what’s cooking.
Since the start of the worldwide recession, food stamp use in the United States has soared, with nearly 1 in 4 children now a recipient of the program.
Because transporting obese patients often requires forklifts and other special equipment, which can more than double the cost, ambulance companies are now charging higher fees for
extremely overweight people.
Scientists have developed wearable wireless sensors that monitor overweight people
as they eat and exercise, to cut down
on erroneous self-reporting.
A new report estimates
that kids view
642 cereal commercials each year, with most ads touting sugar-laden products.
Researchers have identified a protein molecule in plants that may someday yield crops that need far less water to
survive in drought-stricken countries.

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