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Are You a Role Model for Your Older-Adult Clients?

Editor’s note: In the April 2012 issue, Mind-Body-Spirit News section, we asked readers what mind-body programming they were offering specifically for older adults. Here is one reader’s response:

Blue Water Sports Club in Corona, California, is a state-of-the-art fitness facility located in an active older-adult community. Our participants range in age from 55 to 88, and many are very active both inside and outside of class. We offer a variety of mind-body classes on our regular schedule each week. With the exception of one instructor, we are all “older adults” quickly approaching or within the age range of our clientele. There is no doubt that we all serve as role models for our students and that they benefit from seeing a snapshot of themselves in the person leading their exercise classes.

At one end of the spectrum we have an instructor who is very fit and athletic, with the goal of doing an Ironman® triathlon someday. Her yoga and Pilates classes take a flow- or fitness-style approach and are popular with members who like to challenge themselves. This [approach] spills over into her personal training business, where she attracts clients who enjoy seeing how far they can take their fitness.

At the other end of the spectrum, another instructor and I feel passionate about reaching out to the inactive members of the community or those who have special health issues. We offer mind-body classes that move at a slower pace, offer appropriate modifications and place an emphasis on breathing, proper alignment and body awareness.

Having had hip replacement surgery last year at 51, I feel many members look to me for guidance and motivation in dealing with similar issues. Watching me progress, from a time when I had to cut back on my classes and activities to a complete return to the things I love to do, has shown people you can get back to enjoying life after facing a health challenge.

One final note: Although I do not know the age of our tai chi teacher, he is a former principal dancer and teacher from the National Ballet Company of China. He discovered tai chi after suffering from a debilitating back injury. You can imagine the kind of role model he is, with his beautiful flowing movements and thoughtful teaching of mindful movement.

I look forward to receiving and reading IDEA Fitness Journal every month. There’s always something for everyone in each issue.

Meg Root, ACE Certified
Fitness In Balance
Corona, California

Natural and Organic Products Growth Booming

I’ve been eating organic for about 10 years. I live by the philosophy [that] organic is not just the right way; it’s the only way! I’m thrilled to see people’s increased interest [in organic food and products], but I also have reservations. Small companies have been steadily swallowed up by big players in the food industry. This cheapens the whole idea of organic in my eyes, and it raises suspicion that the food labels might not be accurate. I do extensive research on this topic, and I cease supporting the companies that have been bought out. I instruct people to thoroughly investigate companies [they support] and not to be fooled by marketing hype.

I do “special ops” for the Lean Berets. We are a consumer advocacy group that seeks out myths, half-truths and duping in the health, fitness and nutrition world. We offer usable, understandable information that does not rip off [consumers]. [We place] a high priority on food-related topics because there is so much misinformation out there.

Kevin Rail, ACE Certified

Special Ops for the Lean Berets
Park City, Utah


In our June issue, the supporting news item pertaining to CEC Quiz 2, question 3, was cut from the issue. As a result, any answer provided for this question will be accepted.

In our November-December 2011 and June 2012 issues, we inadvertently printed an old version of our Codes of Ethics. We were dismayed to discover this error. Our current codes include the following guideline: “Do not discriminate based on race, creed, color, gender, age, sexual orientation, physical handicap or nationality.”

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