IDEA members asked, “Can you create a tool for us to put together workouts, with videos of each exercise online?” Yes! You asked for it; you got it! The new IDEA Workout Builder.

The IDEA Workout Builder allows you to quickly customize, save and share workouts—with over 1,000 videos at your disposal! The videos IDEA provides show top educators progressing and regressing exercises to make them appropriate for most of your clients.

The IDEA Workout Builder gives you the ability to:

  • produce specific training programs for your clients to follow;
  • change exercise variables like sets, reps and weight; and
  • add your own videos to your clients’ programs.

Discover how this wonderful new tool can help you better serve your clients.

Benefits for You

Here’s what the IDEA Workout Builder helps you do:

  • Save time creating workouts.
  • Tailor workouts directly to your clients’ needs via a simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • Categorize, save, email and print your workouts.
  • Integrate the workouts with your “Clients and Leads” tab on IDEA FitnessConnect.
  • Use the IDEA Workout Builder on all your devices (computer, iPad, iPhone, etc.).
  • Coach a client through a printed workout that you created.
  • Give clients a printed or online work out to use on their own so they have a reminder of the exercises and helpful tips.
  • Add exercises as new videos are added to the IDEA Workout Builder every month.

Accessing the IDEA Workout Builder

IDEA members who are personal trainer, program director or business members can use this new tool to provide enhanced service to clients. Find the IDEA Workout Builder at