Americans spend $2.95 billion per year on yoga classes and products, according to the second annual “Yoga in America” survey, sponsored by Yoga Journal. The study reported that 16.5 million Americans, about 7.5% of the adult population, now practice yoga.

Interestingly, 18- to 24-year-olds are the fastest-growing age group. Participants in this bracket increased by 46% in only 1 year. The growth trend for yoga across age groups is likely to continue. One in seven nonpractitioners told survey takers that they intend to try yoga within the next 12 months.

John Abbott, president and chief executive officer of Yoga Journal, says, “That the number of yoga practitioners has grown so strongly in the last 10 years shows that yoga is not a passing fad but a genuine cultural phenomenon and an integral part of the wellness trend in this country.”