Why can some teens lose weight and keep it off, while
others try and try again, to no avail? According to a recent study, teenagers who do lose weight appear to share certain characteristics that contribute to their success.

The cross-sectional study, published in the December 2009 issue of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, showed that adolescents who lose weight are more likely to report using the following “healthful weight
control behaviors”:

  • drinking less soda
  • increasing physical activity levels
  • weighing themselves
  • consuming diets higher in protein
  • spending less time watching television

While this may not sound
like rocket science to adults, the
researchers found that teens often
do not understand what works
and what doesn’t in terms
of losing weight. “Adolescents would
benefit from hearing
this information to prevent the development
of [unhealthful weight
control behaviors],” the
researchers concluded.