Anyone concerned about the escalating rise in obesity among children should take a gander at the February issue of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, which is devoted to studies on kids’ eating habits. Here’s a quick summary of the different studies featured in this special theme issue:

  • trends on kids’ sweetened-beverage consumption
  • intake of certain nutrients in adolescents’ school lunches
  • dietary fiber intake in preschoolers
  • parental control over kids’ fruit and vegetable intake
  • perceptions among adolescents regarding low-fat food in schools
  • ways schools can help kids eat more fruits and vegetables
  • measuring kids’ attitudes on healthy eating
  • obesity among African-American and Native American kids in rural communities

In addition to recounting the results of numerous new and important clinical trials, the issue is brimming with practical applications for health professionals of all stripes who work with and care about today’s youth.