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Achieving “Critical Mass” at the IDEA World Fitness Convention™

I believe most attendees don’t think about the amount of work that goes into creating IDEA World Fitness. I do, though. I applaud and appreciate the effort, consistency and quality that continue to make the fitness event the professional standard by which all other fitness conventions are measured. What attendees


think about is the excitement and anticipation of this phenomenon, which builds into a critical mass of education, ideas and personal growth. Thousands are truly rejuvenated and inspired, and they in turn rejuvenate and inspire hundreds of thousands of others around the world. You have, indeed, made your mark.

Ken Alan

Department of Kinesiology

California State University, Fullerton

Fullerton, California

Thank you, as always, for putting together another phenomenal event. After 16 years of presenting for IDEA, I can honestly say there’s never been a year when I have not been impressed. The caliber of presenters, sessions and opportunities is second to none. Here’s to another IDEA World Fitness in the books and many more fantastic events to come!

Shannon Fable

Director of Exercise Programming

Anytime Fitness Corporate

Boulder, Colorado

A huge

thank you

to the entire IDEA team for all that you do to create such an amazing experience for so many people. To have created a family that spans continents is an incredible feat. I truly appreciate being part of this great big wonderful IDEA family!

Linda Webster

Guru Fitness LLC

Green Bay, Wisconsin

2015 IDEA World was another awesome conference. We live in Florida, and health coaching and training is our full-time business. It takes a financial investment to attend the convention (this is our third consecutive year),

but it’s worth it!

Even a small business on the other side of the country derives value and ROI from attending.

We walked away with great high-level industry trend info, some very specific usable information on biomechanics training, and cool programing for our group fitness side of the house. We also picked up some new toys: Surges, Hyper Wear® sandbags and Bender Balls™.

Lee Jordan

Personal Trainer and Health Coach

Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Thanks again for an outstanding experience at 2015 IDEA World. As an attendee for over 20 years, I’m so excited by the convention’s growth in breadth, depth and size. With an impressive 12,000+ participants, and an expo hall that included cutting-edge fitness technology, nutrition products, technical apparel and new equipment, I felt so proud to be part of the event and of our industry. Congratulations to Kelli Davis, as well, for an amazing BlogFest and for adding an exciting new dimension to the convention.

I also want to call out all of the staff at IDEA: the event volunteers; Aprile Peishel, director of event programming; the fitness conference organizing team; and the fantastic editorial staff of

IDEA Fitness Journal.

It’s been my pleasure over the years to work with everyone. I especially want to commend the leadership of Sandy Todd Webster, editor in chief, whom I’ve seen transform the magazine into a more comprehensive publication in which nutrition and other aspects of fitness and wellness are seamlessly integrated. These efforts have contributed to a well-rounded presentation in the expo hall that reflects all aspects of what today’s fitness pro needs to succeed at the highest level.

I’m so proud to be a participant in, contributor to and member of the IDEA Health
Fitness Association. I can’t wait until next year.

Shirley Archer

Author and Wellness Expert

Los Angeles

Thanks for a wonderful convention. I arrived home on the redeye yesterday feeling inspired and engaged. It truly was the most fun and enjoyable convention I have been to in a long time.

Darren Jacobson

Senior Vice President,

Instructor Programming

Zumba® Fitness LLC

As always, you outdid yourselves. I really appreciate all of the hard work it takes to pull this event together. The presenters and attendees were


! The staff was very professional, helpful and attentive to our needs. Thanks, and I’m looking forward to next year!

Norma Shechtman

Irvine, California

Thank you for an incredible event. When I quietly observe life, I tend to see layers. The IDEA World Fitness Convention is the outer layer: bright, vibrant, visible and seen by all. IDEA’s middle layer consists of the Herculean efforts the IDEA team puts into the daily grind, including calls, meetings and physical preparedness. The deepest layer, and most critical, is represented by IDEA’s core values.

We are all on such an important mission and cannot accomplish it in a silo. I have been home for more than a week and remain energized and excited about what is to come. To quote our favorite Disney rides:

“Please sit back in your seats, make sure the safety bar is locked and hold on for an incredible experience.”

Garen Stoehr

Education Specialist, Life Time Fitness®

Chanhassen, Minnesota

Trendwatch: Group Fitness for Older Adults

After reading “2015 IDEA Group Fitness Trend Watch,” by Joy Keller (July–August), I wanted to share that after 35 years in the industry, I see a bright future for older-adult group fitness. At age 66, I am more inspired than ever. As I age, so do my fellow Baby Boomers! Those of us who have loved fitness want to stay with it; even with bad backs, knee and hip replacements and arthritis, we want to do the same things that those who are now in their 30s are doing—just at a different level. Yes, we can swing the kettlebell, ride an indoor cycle, use a Suspension Trainer™ and much more!

My goal and plan for my career are not to retire but to continue being a trainer and instructor to my age group and to make adjustments as needed to keep up with trends and do what I have always loved doing—just at a different level or in a different way.

I saw the potential in fitness for Baby Boomers when I worked at a new facility for older adults who had age-related issues and disabilities. I gained great experience training people who were in wheelchairs or who had had strokes or had MS, Parkinson’s disease, polio or another disease. The last few years I have acquired several new certifications and trainings for older-adult fitness. I have worked with so many people aged 70–90 that I am not surprised to see them in a class or as clients—but I never stop being impressed.

Trish Kelly

Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor

Birmingham, Alabama


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