The U.S. population is aging, which makes now the perfect time for fitness professionals to learn more about training older adults. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, by 2050 one in every five Americans will be considered a senior. The U.S. Census Bureau also predicts that between now and 2030, the 65 and older population will grow an average of 2.8% annually. If you haven’t already, take advantage of this great career opportunity before everyone else catches on.

If you are interested in older adult fitness you can check out all of the great tools IDEA has to offer on this topic including recent articles and educational fitness videos. There is also a wide array of programming covering various older adult training topics planned for the upcoming IDEA World Fitness Convention, August 7-11, in Los Angeles. Here are some sessions you may want to attend:

1. Out With the Old and In With the Older! Session #275 with Lawrence Biscontini, MA, and Bernadette O’Brien

Come and experience this theoretical and practical application of what it means to train seniors today. Teaching to this population—the “chronologically enriched” —involves a new mindset and a new toolbox for today’s group and personal trainers. Lawrence and Bernadette will also share their practical stories of success and inspiration.

2. Healthy Aging Survival Kit, Session #313 with Terry Eckmann, PhD

Embrace the many demands of a fitness professional with a perspective that can enhance your professional and personal life. Survive ups and downs with tools and strategies that can help make a positive difference in your life’s journey. This is a humorous and thoughtful presentation based on good health and happiness research.

3. The Ultimate Anti-Aging Workout Session, #466 with Maureen Hagan, PT

Discover how to integrate weight-bearing aerobic movement patterns with functional strength movement patterns to create a total-body conditioning class that helps active Boomers defy the aging process by strengthening heart and muscles, boosting metabolism, building bone density, enhancing mind-body connection and much more. Maureen will present and integrate seven unique training methods and a proven teaching approach that will assist new and experienced instructors in learning and delivering this training concept in a 60-minute class format.

4. YogaFi® for Seniors, Session #531 with Beth Shaw

It is difficult for seniors to find yoga classes that are designed for their specific needs and fitness levels. Many traditional classes fail to create a structure and flow that is beneficial to seniors. This program incorporates all the advantages of challenge and self-pacing for all segments of the older-adult population. The poses and methods taught will allow your seniors to increase muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, stamina, lung capacity and overall wellness.

5. ACE®: Exercise Programming for the Fountain of Youth, Session #545 with Pete McCall, MS

If you work with clients over 40, you won’t want to miss this session. Learn how to apply the variables of exercise program design to help your clients turn back the clock and maintain their youthful appearance and energy levels. Explore specific principles, strategies and techniques for developing a program that creates an anabolic response to exercise, and in the process, help your clients find their fountain of youth.

6. BOSU®: Mobility and Stability for Active Aging, Session #610 with Lawrence Biscontini, MA

Learn exercises, sequences, drills and skills perfect for the gentle exerciser and active aging market. Moving through the body’s functional positions for activities of daily life, this workshop will explore how the BOSU Balance Trainer can provide assistance, resistance, cushioning and stimulus to amplify the impact for this important and growing market of exercisers. Help your clients build functional strength and move more efficiently through the entire kinetic chain, making all their daily movements easier to do!

To find more sessions that will be included in the IDEA World Fitness Convention, download an event brochure here.