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2011 IDEA World Fitness Convention™ “Inspires!”

Words cannot convey how truly fantastic my experience was at the 2011 IDEA World Fitness Convention. As a convention veteran—seeing the energetic pulse this year of all the diverse participants across all age groups, all levels of ability and the far reaches of the globe—I was reminded of how much I love our industry and its wide embrace.

The top-notch, world-class presenters, stimulating keynote speakers (loved the dual keynote format) and the breadth and depth of the Fitness & Wellness Expo vendors excited me. I could feel how much our industry has grown, how it has become so much more integrative, and still has so much more ability for growth to reach and serve the millions of people worldwide who need our services.

I left the event on an incredible high note that remains with me still. Thanks for continuing to play such a pivotal leadership role in the fitness world and for staying so relevant in supporting all of us fitness pros as we face the important challenges of the many people we serve.

Shirley Archer, JD, MA
Speaker, Author, Wellness & Fitness Educator

Congratulations on another successful convention! I left Los Angeles on such a high—there was great energy during the entire event! I know how much work goes into planning, organizing and executing an event of this size, and—once again—you did an amazing job. I am proud to represent you and love being part of the IDEA family! I’m already looking forward to the big 30th anniversary celebration in San Diego!

Fred Hoffman, MEd
International Education Development Director, Batuka

IDEA World Fitness is such a great event. Every year I think there is no way to top the previous year’s event—but then you do it. Every year is new, fresh and exciting. This year’s attendees seemed even more open-minded and eager to try new things, gain new skills and ask probing questions. It is a joy to see our industry grow. Credit must be given to IDEA’s wonderful staff, volunteers and attendees for taking the challenge to Inspire the World to Fitness®.

Zoey Trap, MSc
Avon, Connecticut

Thank you for putting together a great lineup for the IDEA World Fitness Convention. I especially enjoyed multiple presentations by functional training experts Lenny Parracino and Michol Dalcourt. They are excellent teachers who share their vast knowledge to positively change lives.

John A. Blievernicht, MA
Sports Trainer

I have been a member since 1986 and have attended many IDEA conventions over the last 20 years. This year was outstanding. The keynote speakers and sessions were great, and the presenters were fabulous.

One of my favorite presenters in the world, Lawrence Biscontini, asked me to help him on stage at his BOSU® Studio Pilates session. I have never been so scared or worked so hard to help someone out. The session was one of the best that I have ever attended, and it was great fun being on stage. Watching the engaged students work and laugh in the audience while Lawrence delivered the highest level of Pilates work on the BOSU is a memory I will have forever. His humor and appreciation for the students in the room showed, and everyone felt it.

Teresa Estill
Pilates by Teresa
Campbell, California

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the IDEA World Fitness presentation by Ryan Halvorson, “Career Options in the Fitness Industry.” It was really informative and provided great insight into the realities of the industry and its different career options and paths. I was especially pleased to hear Ryan talk about internships and mentors and how he believes they can be such valuable components of our professional growth and development.

Amy L. Hyams, EdD
Las Vegas, Nevada

2011 IDEA World Fitness was a stupendous event. Each year it gets more innovative, and new products and vendors really move the workouts to the next level. Thanks again for having a more subtle—yet important—event like MELT take place in the midst of all the go-go-go of the event! Super work you all do making it happen flawlessly!

Sue Hitzmann
Founder and CEO, Longevity Fitness Inc./The MELT Method

I had a blast. You guys run a tight show. Well done!

Tony Horton
Creator, P90X
Santa Monica, California

This was my favorite IDEA event ever. I had so much fun. The room assistants were incredible. I love the Los Angeles venue!

Stacey Lei Krauss
President & Founder, The willPower Method®

Thank you for the amazing experience we had this year at IDEA World Fitness. From the very beginning through the end, the event was first-class. We were very humbled to have the opportunity to present with the top fitness professionals in the industry.

Alex Isaly
Co-Creator, R.I.P.P.E.D.

This is just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed the IDEA World Fitness Convention. I represented a team of awesome trainers from ESPN in Bristol, Connecticut. I am a “seasoned” trainer and was a bit apprehensive, thinking most attendees would be 20 to 30-year-olds (whom I admire for being so smart and current with all of their information). While that was a reality, I found I integrated beautifully with presenters and trainers who have been around awhile, sharing not only their expertise but their earned “wisdom.”

In particular, your keynote speakers and IDEA CEO Peter Davis totally inspired me. I could have gone home after that. I was renewed, refreshed and inspired by what others are doing in this industry. Continue with all your good works!

Anita Barbero
ESPN Employee Wellness & Services Representative

The IDEA World Fitness Convention was the best event for us so far. The entire CrossCore management team is extremely happy. Trainers attending were all over our booth wanting to know more. Trainers “get it,” and we got a lot of business from them at the booth and following the event. We met future business partners, customers, fitness club managers and athletes, and all wanted our product. It was the right place to be and well worth the investment. We wish we had stepped up to a larger booth, but were hands-down happy with the traffic, attendance and event production. We will be back in 2012.

We look forward to working with IDEA more and deepening our relationship as CrossCore rapidly expands its innovative and powerful rotational bodyweight training system across the globe.

Jay Wilson
Vice President, Global Marketing, CrossCore Inc.

Pursuing Higher Education

I have been an IDEA member since 1989 and have earned numerous industry certifications. I wish the awesome article “The Pursuit of Higher Education” (July–August 2011) by Biray Alsac, MS, would have been written (and read by me) many years ago. I would have probably tried much harder to find a way to go after a formal university degree (at a much younger and more marketable age!). I hope every fitness professional who does not have a formal degree reads this article. It provides awesome information about all aspects of continuing education. It even suggests that a person needs to evaluate and determine whether or not earning a degree is necessary.

This article also encouraged me to have a positive outlook on my job prospects. One of my concerns has been whether an employer would even consider hiring an older person. The quote by Amy Adams—“Employers are looking for candidates who are not only highly educated but have proven success through work experience and a willingness to grow”—suggested a degree might not be enough. This was my favorite quote in the article. I am now going into my senior year in the California University of Pennsylvania program feeling much better about my prospects for a job.

I removed the article from the magazine and placed it into my “Read Again” file. I hope IDEA Fitness Journal runs more articles that are similar—articles that provide useful career information, as well as motivate the reader to act on that information! Awesome job!

Tim Rochford
Empower Training Systems Inc.
Yorkville, Illinois

Faith-Based Fitness

I saw the article “Improved Health Habits Needed Among Religious Groups?” (Making News, July–August 2011). I could not agree more; I find it baffling how unhealthy most religious groups are. My church has done a wonderful job of addressing its members’ spiritual, emotional and physical health. One program they offer is called True Reflections (www.truereflectionsinchrist.com). It is an eating disorder recovery group. We also offer a group called Made to Crave (http://madetocrave.org/). Being healthy becomes part of your lifestyle by embracing who you are. As these groups have grown, we have pursued [others, including] nutrition education, walking clubs and fitness programs that focus on mind-body-spiritual health—it all goes hand in hand. The transformations we have seen are absolutely amazing.

Kimberlee Peifer
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

A year ago I started a ladies group called FIT (Females In Training) at Living Water Foursquare Church in Hermiston, Oregon. The group meets every Monday for workouts at the church. The ladies are then responsible for working out twice more on their own that same week. I also provide them with information on healthy eating (not dieting).

I felt I needed to put some kind of value on this program so the ladies would take it seriously and come to the workouts. I implemented a “no show” fee of $15 for those without an excused absence. This has worked very well! Although it’s backward from [traditional] fitness industry and personal training [models], it works! If they show up to work out, it is free. If they do not show up to work out, it costs them.

The ladies within the group have a variety of fitness backgrounds. Some have never walked into a gym before, while for others, working out was routine. As a group, they are experiencing an increase in energy and endurance. Over the summer, six of the ladies walked a 5K race, and two of them ran it! For those who participated, it was an accomplishment they never thought [was attainable]. Participating in the 5K was life-changing for some!

JoAnna Larson
Hermiston, Oregon

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