Teaching Exercise-Critical Skills for Personal Trainers

by Tom Purvis, PT

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The language we use with our clients carries a great deal of weight. So often we categorize the success of a workout by describing it in terms of muscle burn or degree of sweating. Here is an opportunity to explore verbal and nonverbal cues for creating the correct positions and motions, as well as for directing and progressing the client's effort. In addition, we'll examine the objective effects of cues on the resistance profile. Join in as we discuss the key elements of communicating pertinent cues to your clients.
By Tom Purvis, PT

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About the Presenter

Tom Purvis, PT

Tom Purvis, PT IDEA Author/Presenter

Tom Purvis, PT, is a licensed physical therapist specializing in exercise mechanics. He is the founder of RTS®, the Resistance Training Specialist® program and has served as the keynote speaker at the Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Symposium, as well as the IDEA Personal Training Summit.