Functional Conditioning for Group

by Rebecca Small

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Teaching your students functional conditioning exercises that utilize their body weight is a very exciting and new concept taking the fitness world by storm. With no equipment needed, this exciting conditioning video will teach you all about functional training, its methodology and its classroom applications. You will be provided with teaching methods, cuing techniques and brand-new choreography that you can apply to your classes tomorrow.
By Rebecca Small

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1. Introduction Play
2. General Methodology of Functional Conditioning Play
3. Warm-up Exercises Play
4. Plyometrics Play
5. Lower-Body Exercises Play
6. Upper-Body Exercises Play
7. Core Training Play
8. The Functional Conditioning Workout Play
9. Conclusion Play

About the Presenter

Rebecca Small

Rebecca Small IDEA Author/Presenter

Rebecca Small is a fitness education specialist and has been active within the fitness industry for more than 20 years. She has presented in 38 countries, trained an estimated 350,000 fitness professionals worldwide and is featured in industry magazines offering both fitness and dietary advice for the general public. She has a background in sports science and is a qualified naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist.