Fitness 2.0—A United Group and Personal Trainer Team

by Ingrid Owen

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Often, the group fitness and personal training departments operate independently within a business. But what could happen if both departments work toward a common goal? Would the end result create a better experience for the member, an increase in member retention and a happier employee? As the vice president of fitness for 24 Hour Fitness clubs, Ingrid will share her vision and a few of the best practices she has implemented that have created a unified and successful fitness team.
By Ingrid Owen

Video Chapters

1. Introduction & Background
2. The Power of Fitness
3. Group X 2.0
4. Personal Training 2.0
5. PT & Group X 2.0
6. Problem Statement
7. Building the Bridge
8. Creating a Hybrid Team
9. What Do I Do Now?

About the Presenter

Ingrid Owen

Ingrid Owen IDEA Author/Presenter