Advanced Training Skills for the Optimal Exercise Experience: Upper Extremity (Part 2 of 2)

by Tom Purvis, PT

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Objective research has been in for some time: physiological responses to using the right machines not only improves strength, but also improves function! Due to the myths perpetuated by a large biased segment of the industry, few trainers have learned how to strategically integrate body-weight exercises and machines, or the basics on customizing the set-up and use of various machines for their clients. If you work with a broad range of clients, machines can be your best tools at very specific points in progression and for specific goals. You won't believe how many variations can be created on a single machine when you understand exercise mechanics! This is Part 2 in a two-part series.
By Tom Purvis, PT

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About the Presenter

Tom Purvis, PT

Tom Purvis, PT IDEA Author/Presenter

Tom Purvis, PT, is a licensed physical therapist specializing in exercise mechanics. He is the founder of RTS®, the Resistance Training Specialist® program and has served as the keynote speaker at the Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Symposium, as well as the IDEA Personal Training Summit.