Indo Boarding: Surfing-Inspired Group Fitness

by Grace DeSimone, Marc Santa Maria and Terrell Pruitt

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Catch a wave with Indo Boarding! Here is a totally-new, unique, fun and challenging way to bring new clients into group exercise programs. The video focuses on creating a full-body workout that incorporates the concepts that surfing brings to fitness: improved balance and core strength and better flexibility, all while providing a real challenge to your cardiovascular system. You'll be introduced to some new and innovative functional training movements that are performed on a safe, effective unstable surface that has applications for a wide range of clients.
By Grace DeSimone, Marc Santa Maria, Terrell Pruitt

About the Author

Grace DeSimone

Grace DeSimone IDEA Author/Presenter

Grace DeSimone is the National Director of Group Fitness for Plus One Health Management, an Optum Company in New York City. She has over 30 years experience in the industry and holds a degree in Dance Education. She is an ACSM certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor. Grace is the Editor for ACSMs Resource manual for Group Exercise Instructors (LWW 2011)

Marc Santa Maria

Marc Santa Maria IDEA Author/Presenter

Marc Santa Maria is the regional group fitness director for Crunch FitnessĀ®, NY. He is a Nike elite athlete and master trainer.

Terrell Pruitt

Terrell Pruitt IDEA Author/Presenter