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Trending: Sparkling Water

Out with soda and in with . . . sparkling water. Health-conscious Americans looking for a carbonated-beverage fix are in luck as sparkling water takes over store shelves across the country. The sugar-free bubbling water is a great hydration source and is free of artificial sweeteners and other processed ingredients common in diet sodas.

LaCroix, with its many flavored sparkling-water options, has paved the way for the past 35 years, but the giant beverage companies, reeling from massive decreases in soda purchases, now want in. Pepsi launched its sparkling water, Bubly, this spring.
Coca-Cola, with its $220 million purchase of the popular Mexican sparkling-water brand Topo Chico, is sure to follow.

Can’t find that particular flavor that will quench your thirst just perfectly? Check out a home system for producing unlimited supplies of your very own nonsweetened bubbly. There are many brands to choose from.

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