George H.W. Bush wasn’t the only one who hated broccoli. According to the findings of a 2007 survey reported in The Journal of Psychology, broccoli ranks high in foods disliked by the masses.

Of the 75,000-plus participants in the survey, most tended to put the foods they disliked into three basic categories: vegetables, meat and fat. Many reported that texture played a large role in determining specific food aversions: soggy led the list in complaints, whereas foods with firmer textures fared better, as did sweet foods. According
to the survey results, these are the top 10 foods Americans love to hate, in descending order:

l. liver

2. lima beans

3. mayonaise

4. mushrooms

5. eggs

6. okra

7. beets

8. Brussels sprouts

9. tuna

10. gelatin