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Supermarket Self-Checkout Survey

A growing number of shoppers are apparently making use of the new self-checkout
option at their local grocery stores. Do-it-yourself cash registers are becoming so
popular that they racked up an estimated $110.9 billion in sales in 2005, a 35%
increase from the year before, according to a study conducted by an industry
consulting group. That same study found that women who used the self-checkout
scanners tended to make fewer than half as many impulse purchases as they did
when someone else was doing the checking.

Of the more than 350 consumers who participated in the study in spring of 2006,

  • 94% said they had used a self-checkout scanner at least once; and
  • 27% said they used the scanners more than 70% of the time.

$32.85 constituted the average total for a self-checkout transaction.

Source: IHL Consulting Group, 2006 North American Self-Checkout Systems Market Study.

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