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Best Practices


Website Templates

By Joe Dysart | October 31, 2004 |

While the first “prefab” websites had all the design panache of a Ford Edsel, today’s offerings can literally give your Web presence the look and feel of a Fortune 500 firm for under $100. The days when top Web designers wouldn’t return your calls for less than $10,000 are long gone—it’s a buyer’s market for…

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Five Steps to Effective Delegation

By IDEA Authors | August 31, 2004 |

When you think about delegating a job, is your motive to simply unload some of your own work? According to author Greg Balanko-Dickson, it shouldn’t be. He says it should be more about gaining cooperation to achieve a goal. It’s an opportunity for the business owner or manager to
empower the individual
motivate (inspire an employee to new levels of performance and responsibility)
encourage an employee in the delegation process

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Financing Your New Business

By Justin Price, MA | August 31, 2004 |

You’ve decided to start your own personal training business. You’ve conducted a realistic assessment of the market and created a working business plan, so you know how much money you need to finance your start-up. Where do you get that money?

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Personal Digital Assistants

By Joe Dysart | August 31, 2004 |

If you’ve ever wished you could carry your office on your belt, a personal
digital assistant (PDA) may be just
what you need. More powerful than the
computer used to land Apollo 11 on
the moon, PDAs can pretty much knock out any work you’d ordinarily
do on a personal computer (PC)—and still fit in the palm of your hand.

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Ushering in the Next Generation

By Joy Keller | June 30, 2004 |

As group fitness becomes more specialized, the demand grows for experienced instructors who possess that magic combination of high energy and charisma. Many program directors face staffing shortages and have to find creative ways to recruit talent. Finding a way to please participants—who are more diverse and demanding than ever—only adds to the challenge. How…

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Fitness Goes High Tech

By Amanda Vogel, MA | June 30, 2004 |

Are your primary personal training tools still the lowly clipboard and pen? Do you still schlep a stack of audiotapes to every group fitness class you teach? If so, you may want to consider a more technologically advanced approach to your career–soon!

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pedometer power

By IDEA Authors | May 31, 2004 |

Pedometers are the new fitness toys; people everywhere are clipping them on to measure their steps. They can be very useful for motivating you to work out and to track your exercise success. Understanding how they work will help you program them to be more accurate.

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Top Dog on the Web

By Joe Dysart | May 31, 2004 |

By Joe Dysart

Top Dog on the Web
How personal trainers have found a back door to top-10 status on Internet search engines. Given that there are scores of ways to promote your personal training business on the Web for free, actually paying for an extremely high ranking on a search engine rankles a lot of people. But for firms with Web promotion funds to spend, paying for guaranteed, hig…

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Invest in Your People

By Alex McMillan | May 31, 2004 |

Training for Growth
By Sherri McMillan, MSc, and Alex McMillan

Invest in Your People
With your staff, as with all investments, you have to put something in if you want something back. No matter what industry you’re in, the most important asset your business has is your people. This is especially true in the personal training industry. The strength of your organization–or your department–is dire…

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Reward Carries Risk: A Liability Update

By Shirley Archer, JD, MA | March 31, 2004 |

According to the 2003 IDEA Trendwatch Survey, three different kinds of personal training topped the list of general fitness trends: one-to-one training, partner training (two clients sharing one trainer), and small-group training (three to five clients sharing one trainer). Client categories that seem to be growing include people who are interested in postrehab or “prehab”…

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Web Design That Works

By Joe Dysart | February 29, 2004 |

Now that the Web as revolutionary business communication tool has become a fait accompli, a number of personal trainers have discovered ways to elevate the medium to world-class heights and create glistening icons of e-commerce.

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Digital Mentoring

By Susan M. Tendy, EdD | January 31, 2004 |

Do you remember who taught you how to lead a group fitness class? Did you have a mentor who showed you the ropes? Maybe you obsessively took notes at fitness conventions or taught yourself by watching videotapes. Regardless, at one point or another we were all beginners—now it’s our turn to teach the next generation.…

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Mind Your Own Business (Free!)

By April Durrett | June 30, 2003 |

If you own a PFT business, take advantage of free access to an online classroom of business courses, workshops, information resources, learning tools and counseling assistance through the U.S. Small Business Administration’s E-Business Institute Web site.

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Getting Your Equipment Needs Met

By IDEA Authors | June 30, 2002 |

Q:My director knows our studio microphone is broken and agrees we need to fix it right away. She says she has requested a repair. Yet 3 weeks have elapsed, and nothing
has been resolved. Meanwhile, my voice
is shot. If I refuse to teach until the mike is repaired, I will be considered a problem instructor. But if I continue to teach without a mike, my voice will suffer even more. What should I do?

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Protecting Members and Yourself, Problem Solver

By IDEA Authors | May 31, 2001 |

Thank you for the February 2001 Problem Solver column, “Dealing With Fellow Instructors’ Eating or Exercise Disorders.” Recently a colleague of mine encountered this situation with a member of her facility. With regard to getting involved, our staff is concerned about the legal implications, including possible claims of discrimination and privacy violation. What are the legal guidelines for approaching a member (especially at the request of other members) when it is clear that the member’s health is in danger?

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