Are your kitchen cabinets and shelves bursting with paper scraps containing every healthy recipe you’ve ever collected or concocted? Maybe you’re storing them all in your mental Rolodex? Why not take all of this great information and organize it in a cookbook to share with others? Why not turn it into a potential profit center for your business?

Len Glassman, fitness entrepreneur and owner of Personal Best Training & Pilates Center in Garwood, New Jersey, has set up a Web-based product ($79.95) that gives you the tools you need to become a self-published cookbook author. Glassman recently published a fit and healthy recipe book featuring a treasured collection of 100 heart-healthy recipes from friends, clients and family members, as well as “chef creations” from local, established and well-liked restaurants. He has now taken what he learned in the process and expanded the concept to give health and fitness professionals the know-how to self-publish their very own branded recipe books.

The website,, offers a downloadable “Fitness Recipe Book Blueprint Kit,” a step-by-step guide designed to help health and fitness professionals prepare, create and publish their own recipe books. The kit includes Glassman’s first-hand experience and provides templates, forms and marketing insider–tips that can guide you toward becoming self-published for about $5 per book.