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Plant-Forward Eating Continues to Thrive

Based on recent food happenings, it’s looking like plant-based eating is rapidly becoming the new organic. White Castle, America’s first hamburger chain known for ultra-affordable square sliders (but not for their progressive food offerings), recently rolled out the Impossible Slider—a plant-only burger for just $1.99 that was an instant hit with test audiences for its downright beefy flavor, texture and aroma.

City Council Members in Berkeley, California, could soon be eating more veggie burgers during meetings. The city synonymous with counterculture recently passed a “Green Monday” resolution, which may soon require that only vegan food be served at city meetings and events on this day of the week to show leadership in slowing climate change, according to ABC News.

And on the East Coast, a survey by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore found that 66% of 1,112 U.S. adults claimed they were cutting back on purchasing and consuming at least one type of meat, particularly the red variety. Cost and health concerns were the two biggest reasons people cited for the change. No word yet if grocery stores are seeing a run on tofu sales.

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