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Emotions & Weight Gain

By Cathy Cohen, MA | May 31, 2004 |

Women’s midlife challenges.Bernadette is a sensitive, successful but overworked 56-year-old client of mine. When she came to me 2 years ago, she was emotionally distraught and desperate to change her body, her energy level and her outlook on life. In addition to holding a demanding job, she was struggling with the onset of menopause. Hot flashes continually interrupted her sleep, and her workaholic behavior left little time to relax.

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Invest in Your People

By Alex McMillan | May 31, 2004 |

Training for Growth
By Sherri McMillan, MSc, and Alex McMillan

Invest in Your People
With your staff, as with all investments, you have to put something in if you want something back. No matter what industry you’re in, the most important asset your business has is your people. This is especially true in the personal training industry. The strength of your organization–or your department–is dire…

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Exercise and Bone Strength

By Mariana Shedden, MS | April 30, 2004 |

As a personal trainer, you probably know that exercise has been shown to increase bone strength, as measured by bone mineral density (BMD), in people of all ages. But did you know that the degree to which exercise improves BMD depends on a variety of factors, including age, reproductive hormone status, nutritional status and the nature of the exercise?

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Understanding The Female Athlete Triad

By Irene Lewis-McCormick, MS | April 30, 2004 |

With Olympic gold in her sights, gymnast Christy Henrich trained over several years with a goal of achieving contender status on the U.S. Olympic Women’s Gymnastics Team. But then a judge at a national competition told the 95-pound Henrich that if she expected to win Olympic gold, she would have to lose weight—“advice” that eventually…

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Public Speaking Rx

By Debra Atkinson, MS | April 30, 2004 |

Just a few months ago, an 8-year-old boy had a 2-year-old bike collecting dust in the garage. His mother’s efforts to get the boy to ride were met with much resistance. So many other things came more easily for him; he simply was not eager to try this challenging activity. His mother was convinced his first wheels would be those on a car.

The boy became more frustrated every time his mother encouraged him to try riding. She too began to get apprehensive. If he fell, the mishap was of course all her fault.

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Boosting Your Body Image

By Sue Hitzmann, MS | April 30, 2004 |

When was the last time you heard an infant say she couldn’t come out to play because she was having a bad hair day? How many toddlers do you know who’ll refuse an ice-cream cone because they want to squeeze into their “skinny jeans”? We are not born with a body image. The way we…

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Reward Carries Risk: A Liability Update

By Shirley Archer, JD, MA | March 31, 2004 |

According to the 2003 IDEA Trendwatch Survey, three different kinds of personal training topped the list of general fitness trends: one-to-one training, partner training (two clients sharing one trainer), and small-group training (three to five clients sharing one trainer). Client categories that seem to be growing include people who are interested in postrehab or “prehab”…

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Web Design That Works

By Joe Dysart | February 29, 2004 |

Now that the Web as revolutionary business communication tool has become a fait accompli, a number of personal trainers have discovered ways to elevate the medium to world-class heights and create glistening icons of e-commerce.

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Yoga for Plus Sizes

By IDEA Authors | January 31, 2004 |

As a plus-size person, are you curious to try yoga but convinced it won’t work for your body? The good news is you can benefit from yoga’s positive physiological and psychological effects. Practicing yoga can be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding ways for you to become healthy, build confidence and self-esteem, and sometimes achieve weight loss.

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Digital Mentoring

By Susan M. Tendy, EdD | January 31, 2004 |

Do you remember who taught you how to lead a group fitness class? Did you have a mentor who showed you the ropes? Maybe you obsessively took notes at fitness conventions or taught yourself by watching videotapes. Regardless, at one point or another we were all beginners—now it’s our turn to teach the next generation.…

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Multivitamins Help Heart Health

By April Durrett | January 31, 2004 |

Do you want to provide your clients with every possible tool for preventing cardiovascular disease? You might point them to research showing that a multivitamin may help.
A study published in The American Journal of Medicine in December 2003 (vol. 115, pp. 702-7) found that C-reactive protein (CRP), an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease, can be reduced by simply taking a multivitamin. The study, led by Timothy Church, MD, MPH, PhD, of The Cooper Institute, showed that a group taking a 24-ingredient multivitamin reduced its CRP level by 32 percent.

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Eat Less to Live Longer

By Jenna A. Bell, PhD, RD | January 31, 2004 |

In an era when everything from sport utility vehicles to hamburgers comes “supersized,” the notion that less is more may seem terribly out-of-date. But when it comes to calories, eating fewer may very well turn out to be a prescription for a longer—and healthier—life. The topic of calorie restriction has gotten a lot of attention…

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Update Your E-Mail for Free News

By IDEA Authors | December 31, 2003 |

By updating your e-mail address with IDEA, you can choose the IDEA information that you receive instantaneously. For example, you can have IDEA Fit Tips, the newsletter that keeps you up to date on current fitness news and IDEA activities, e-mailed to you every month.

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Preventing Muscle Soreness

By Mariana Shedden, MS | December 31, 2003 |

If you have just begun a fitness program, or perhaps started up again after a long holiday break, you may have become really sore after exercising. You are probably experiencing delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Is this discomfort a necessary part of exercising? Get the scoop from two experts at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque—Johndavid…

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Antiaging Rx

By Diane Lofshult | October 31, 2003 |

Take one dose of vitamin E daily and exercise regularly. That’s the prescription for staying young and healthy, according to a new study that appeared in the July issue of Biological Research for Nursing.

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Created Equally? Not Creatine Products

By April Durrett | October 31, 2003 |

Are any of your clients interested in supplementing with creatine? Then they should know about the new testing done by, an independent evaluator of products that affect health and nutrition. The tests found problems with the majority of creatine products sold in liquid, effervescent and chewable forms. No problems were found in the standard powder products.

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