In recent years, a spate of research on vitamin D benefits has linked adequate vitamin D levels to everything from improved bone health to lower cancer risk to better COVID-19 outcomes. And now the nutrient appears to be an ally in the battle against diabetes. High levels of vitamin D in adults was tied to a 35% lower risk for type 2 diabetes, a 30% lower risk for combined T2D and prediabetes, and a 51% lower risk for prediabetes, compared with low levels of vitamin D.

These findings, reported in Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, were based on data from 28 epidemiologic studies and 83 case-control and cross-sectional investigations. Perhaps vitamin D plays a role in maintaining blood glucose homeostasis. As sweater weather once again approaches, keeping vitamin D levels topped up becomes even more challenging. Many people turn to supplements, but the vitamin is also available in certain foods, namely fatty fish (like salmon), UV-exposed mushrooms, eggs and fortified items like milk.

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