In November and December, the crazy pace we were on all summer and autumn seems to slow down, and the harvesting of fresh, local ingredients slows along with it. The cold snap of Old Man Winter’s whip is starting to chill us in most of North America, and our palates crave heartier fare to match the onset of shorter, colder, darker days. Think soups, stews, braised meats and poultry, roasted root vegetables and late fall fruits (folded with love into yummy tarts and pies). Here are the seasonal foods to keep an eye out for this month and in December. Why not pick two seasonal ingredients this month and promise yourself to try a new recipe with them? We know our bodies need to be surprised once in a while with new exercises in order to progress; try the same with your diet.

November: You have lots of variety to choose from. Look for apples, beetroot, Brussels sprouts, butternut squash, carrots, celeriac, chestnuts, cranberries, elder-berries, goose, Jerusalem artichokes, kale, onions, parsnips, pears, pumpkins, potatoes, pheasant, quince, rabbit, salsify, venison, walnuts, watercress and wild mushrooms.

December: Most of the November list is still viable, but you can also add clementines, hazelnuts, lychees, red cabbage, pomegranates, Satsuma persimmons and tangerines. There is such exciting variety in the seasons—take advantage of it!