Coming to your supermarket this summer is a bevy of citrus fruits that should sweeten and surprise your palate. Here’s a look at five rising stars in the citrus family:

Buddha’s Hand Citron. This pale yellow, 6- to 12-inch fruit has a thick rind and is split into segments that
resemble fingers. But don’t be put off by its strange appearance; this sweet-smelling variety is used by innovative chefs in marmalades and crème brûlées.

Cara Cara. This variety of navel orange has a pinkish orange peel and a reddish tint. With its tropical scent,
it tastes like a cross between cranberries and cherries.

Meyer Lemon. While not new, this Chinese variety of citrus is becoming more commonplace in markets thanks to its tangerine-like sweetness, which blends perfectly with its lemon tartness.

Yuzu. This East Asian citrus fruit looks and tastes like a palm-sized grapefruit blended with subtle hints
of mandarin orange.

Pomelo. Also called a “pumelo,” this soccer ball–sized grapefruit variety is juicy and low in acid.
Its pale pink fruit combines the taste of grapefruit with notes of lime and jasmine.