It’s no surprise that weeks of chaos and confusion have led many to set aside purposeful plates, waistline goals, and performance ambitions in favor of comfort food and grazing to get through the day.  You’re likely seeing disarray and a lack of structure impact your client’s as well as your own wellbeing.  These wellness woes are understandable; stress coupled with countless trips past the pantry and fridge eventually draw one in, making mindful eating habits a thing of the past.  It’s time to take a step back and implement some habits to get us moving towards mindfulness once again.

Schedule Success

Scheduling tele-workouts, your child’s e-learning, and conference calls with your colleagues are more than overwhelming but there’s one schedule you shouldn’t skip; setting aside personal time to focus on YOUR nutrition and exercise.  When we’re in the office or gym, we tend to follow a set pattern of when and what we are going to eat.  We plan our intake around meetings or workouts or even our intermittent fasting schedule.  We bring our own meals or plan what tomorrow’s take out will bring.

It’s not too late to implement these habits into your WFH routine.  Each evening, write down what you plan to eat in the 24 hours ahead.  Pro Tip: map out this plan at a time when you’re feeling most motivated as you’ll be inspired towards a healthier plate.   Be detailed; mapping out your what and your when.  By taking a proactive look at what fuels you, you’ll mindfully make every bite move you towards being better.  Perhaps more importantly, this practice also allows you to fight against the chaos and take back control of your plate and your day.

Planning 101

To nonbelievers out there, meal prep and planning may seem intimidating or time consuming. Put aside those mental images of carloads of food, entire weekends spent washing and chopping, and oh-so-many food storage containers.  Not necessary.  Own your own style since you know what you and your household need to stay healthy, fueled, and simplified.  For many, meal prep is as simple as cooking an extra portion at dinner to have for lunch the next day.  For all of us, planning out our plates well before sitting down to eat assures us of knowing exactly what and how much will be consumed (making hitting calorie and macros goals so much easier).

Not convinced you have the time to prep?  In reality, meal planning and prep actually saves time. No more time spent scanning menus and then waiting curbside for takeout.  No more time spent waiting in the drive-thru line because you didn’t have a good answer to the question “What’s for dinner?” No more time spent gazing into the fridge in search of something that sounds goods.  Consolidating a week’s worth of washing, chopping, and preparing into one focused block of time in the kitchen equals less total time spent cooking and cleaning.

Good Vibes Only

We humans are naturally wired to turn to food in times of stress.  Call it a survival skill or a need for diversion but either way, you’re not alone if recently you feel like you’ve been moving backwards and have lost your focus on health and wellness goals.  It’s ok.  Take a deep breath and remember that every day we are handed another chance to move towards better.  Somedays, we grab each opportunity and run with it, finishing the day rocking nutrition, nailing our workouts, and feeling great.  Other days are more of a mess; peppered with mindless eating, missed workouts, and seeing our goals slipping further away.  Shake off these days.  Be as kind and encouraging to yourself as you would a client.  Promise to dust yourself off and try again tomorrow.  You got this.