As a fitness professional, it’s almost guaranteed you are working with one or more clients whose primary health focus is to shed a few pounds. Perhaps directing them toward a wellness-oriented app could help them nail this goal.

Adults diagnosed with type 2 diabetes may lose weight more effectively by including a weight-loss mobile app as part of their slim-down pursuit, according to findings from a meta-analysis published in Obesity. In analyzing data from 14 studies involving 2,129 people, researchers found that individuals using mobile apps lost an additional 1.85 pounds in body weight and 0.4 inch in waist circumference, on average, compared with those not using the apps.

Notably, reductions in body weight and waist circumference were more pronounced in participants using mobile app interventions combined with other behavior components, including face-to-face health coaching. This stresses the importance of a multifaceted approach to weight loss, including working with health professionals for tailored fitness and nutrition programs.

Do you have clients who are using health-oriented apps? Which apps do you recommend? Do you believe this type of technology can be a useful addition to a health program?

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