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Hemp, Hemp Hooray

Hemp foods are flying high. According to Vote Hemp, a grass-roots hemp-advocacy organization, total retail sales of hemp foods in the United States reached about $129 million in 2016. (Costco, Whole Foods and some other retailers didn’t release sales data, so this is likely a lowball number.)

As word spreads about the nutritional virtues of hemp seed (the source of items like hemp milk and hemp protein powder) and more domestic acreage is allotted to hemp cultivation, it’s likely stores will keep doing a brisk hemp-food business. Hemp has been worked into everything from energy bars to granola to ice cream. And considering that hemp is a standout source of plant protein (10 grams in a 3-tablespoon hemp-seed serving), of health-hiking omega-3 fats and of must-have minerals, including magnesium, check this off as a health food trend worth embracing. Here’s how to get your daily fill:


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