Most Americans get far too much salt in their daily diet, thanks to our nation’s high consumption of processed foods. While no one wants to eat bland food, there are ways to enhance dishes without resorting
to salt. Here are some tips to cut your family’s sodium levels without
sacrificing flavor.

Herbs, dried or fresh, can accent a host of recipes. Use dried herbs for sauces, soups and chili, but remember to first crush the herbs
between your fingers to release their flavorful
aromatic oils.

Spices, such as cardamom, cumin
and ginger, are a great compliment
to roasted veggies, meat or seafood. Freshly ground spices add zest to dishes, whereas whole spices
impart a milder taste.

Acids, including fresh lemon/lime juice or vinegar, are
a healthy and tasty alternative
to high-sodium bottled condiments, marinades and salad dressings.

Rinds or peels from citrus fruit are extremely flavorful when added with a zester to many dishes.