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Have a Ball This March Madness

Stay energized with California Prune energy balls and learn how you can fuel your performance.

California Prune energy balls

As health enthusiasts and basketball fans alike make their March Madness brackets and plan game-time snacks, it’s important to enjoy the foods and activities that make you feel good. Sunsweet is encouraging health enthusiasts to have a ball this Spring by leaning on nutritious and delicious foods to help you feel energized ahead of and during March Madness. 

Whether you’re watching games or testing out your own ball-handling skills, with a bit of planning and simple preparation, you can keep your energy levels up with key performance ingredients: California Prunes & California Prune Juice. 

Score with these fast facts: 

  • To keep our health and energy up, our bodies require nutrients like carbohydrates, fiber, electrolytes, antioxidants, and vitamins. During busy times of year, it’s important to fuel our bodies with foods that contain a wide range of nutrients like these to be ready to take on the day! 
  • California Prunes contain the fiber, carbohydrates, and other nutrients necessary to provide your body and mind with what they need to feel good. 
  • California Prunes make a sweet, delicious snack or addition to recipes that can give you a boost of energy, while cutting back on added sugar.  
  • Portable snacks that can be prepared in advance make navigating the game-day hustle simpler. Consider adding easy, energy-boosting snacks to your daily routine to carry you through the tournament-watching season.  

Prune energy balls are a must try DIY snack that is the perfect addition to fueling your performance, so you don’t need to slow your roll during game time. Perfect to enjoy on-the-go, pre- or post-workout or just as an afternoon treat, energy balls are a must-have that may also help to keep you feeling full. Here’s some flavor inspiration to get you started: 

  • California Prunes + Nut Butter + Dark Chocolate Chips 
  • California Prunes + Oatmeal + Cinnamon + Honey 
  • California Prunes + Roasted Hazelnuts + Cocoa Powder 
  • California Prunes + Coconut Shreds + Lime Zest 
  • California Prunes + Chia seeds + Pumpkin Seeds + Maple Syrup  

For more information on how California Prunes and Prune Juice can fuel your performance, check out this 30 minute webinar with top sports dietitian and nutrition expert, Angie Asche MS, RD, CSSD. Learn more about how California Prunes and Prune Juice can support your overall wellness at Sunsweet.com.     

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