Fueling your body has never been more important as people are continually questioning the information they get, which diet to follow, and how much protein they should eat or where it should come from. In an age where the latest food fads often create confusion and uncertainty, pork provides balanced nutrition in a protein that offers authentic experiences and flavors, and it has the unique ability to bring people together by fueling the plate.

When compared to other protein foods, pork is a nutritional powerhouse providing nine essential nutrients in just one 3-ounce serving. Pork is a high-quality protein source, providing all the essential amino acids needed for growth and maintenance, which plays an increasingly important role in muscle maintenance and weight management. Plus, it’s low on calories. A 3-ounce serving of pork tenderloin has 122 calories. You can feel good knowing that pork provides much of what your body needs to perform at its best.


Pork infographic