If frozen diet dinners tasted better, would more people avail themselves of these products? According to the editors at Consumer Reports, food manufacturers have made great inroads in improving the taste of prepared diet entrées while still maintaining their low-calorie profile.

Out of 24 microwavable meals from leading brands, such as Healthy Choice®, Lean Cuisine® and Kashi®, 14 earned a “Very Good” rating for taste, which was “a marked improvement” since the last time Consumer Reports labs tested prepared meals in 2004.

“The leading brands have really come a long way in terms of taste,” said company spokesperson Jamie Hirsh. “All but two of the meals we tasted earned high marks for nutrition, as well. The key thing to watch out for is sodium; we recommend that consumers try to avoid meals with more than 600 milligrams.”

Vegetarians will be happy to know that pasta and bean entrées were deemed the tastiest category of dinners tested. Additionally, the Kashi brand was the only one that earned a Very Good score for both nutrition and taste, although its products were a bit pricier than the others tested. The full report can be accessed at .