Amazon-owned Whole Foods has made some predictions on which foods and products will be trending in 2020. Based on input from dozens of in-the-know store employees, here’s what the company sees in the modern shopping cart:

Zero-Proof Drinks

From hoppy sparkling teas to craft non­alcoholic beer, there will be no shortage of booze-free drinks to appease a growing number of people, especially millennials, who are seeking alternatives to alcohol.

Alt Flours

It will become easier to overhaul your next batch of muffins and cookies with newfangled flours made from cauliflower, tigernut and plantains.

Sugar Reinvented

Up-and-coming sweetener alternatives, such as date syrup, monk fruit and sweet potato nectar, are set to give sugar and honey some serious competition.

Meat-Plant Hybrids

As plant-based eating surges in popularity, brands are increasingly testing out consumers’ appetites for items made with a blend of both plants and meat, such as burgers containing a mashup of beef and mushrooms.

Cold Snacking

There is now a slew of snack-style foods hitting the refrigerated section, including drinkable soups, single-serving dips, hard-boiled eggs with savory toppings and perishable energy bars that are best kept chilled.

West Africa Pantry

Fonio, moringa, tamarind, sorghum and various condiments are taking hold in American grocery stores.

New Ways to Spread the Love

Beyond the usual nut butters, you can expect a continued influx of exciting spreads for your morning toast, including watermelon seed butter and chocolate macadamia.