Recently graduated or certified individuals looking to get ahead may want to take a course in professionalism. In a 2010 survey of hiring managers and business leaders, 38.2% of respondents stated that professionalism had decreased among entry-level workers. How would you rate your professionalism? If you’re in the market for a new job, consider these suggestions from Linda McHugh, director of group fitness programming for 24 Hour Fitness®.

  • Do Your Homework. Research the fitness facility. Does it have a mission statement? Does the mission match your view of fitness? Make sure the facility is a good fit before taking steps to becoming employed.
  • Be a Team Player. Realize that you are joining a team. Ask yourself if you are truly a team player. Also consider whether the team you are joining is right for you.
  • Work Together. Often, new employees want recognition but go about it the wrong way. Realize that you are great only if the entire team is great. Members continue to be members because of the total experience. A group fitness class or personal training session is just one part of that experience. Reach out to management to find out how you can better assist the business overall—that will get you noticed.