One way to save money in hard times is to
repurpose what you already have on hand. In your home, this can mean finding dual purposes for pantry staples; for example, using vinegar as both a base for salad dressings and
a powerful cleaning agent. Here are some household products that are overachievers.

Alka-Seltzer® is great for removing
burned food from cookware; dissolve a
few tabs and allow the pan to sit for
an hour before cleaning.

Marshmallows will keep brown sugar soft if a few are added to the bag before closing it.

Beer in place of water will enhance the flavor of your favorite savory batter mix.

Bananas (peeled) will tenderize a roast
if added to the roasting pan.

Honey will help cure a hangover; just a few drops on a piece of whole-grain toast can speed up the metabolism of alcohol.

Aluminum foil can effectively sharpen dull scissors; use a piece with 6–8 layers and cut through to hone the blades.

Vegetable oil makes a great lubricant to keep honey and other sticky ingredients from adhering to measuring spoons and cups.

Lemons can help remove soft cheese from a grater; just rub a half lemon across the grater’s surface before using.

Baking soda will extinguish a grease or
electrical fire in the kitchen; it also can be used to clean the inside of a stainless steel coffeepot or an encrusted barbeque grill.