Have you ever considered taking your clients on a healthy walking food tour in your city? You could accomplish a number of objectives if you were organized enough:

Aside from the obvious profit center, you could turn your tour into an educational opportunity about area businesses and their healthy offerings, as well as a relaxed opportunity to talk about eating healthfully while dining out. As a bonus, you and your clients would burn calories walking between restaurants and share fun, social bonding time outside the gym.

IDEA member Patti T. Milligan, MS, RD, CNS, has adopted this business model with her SoCal Food Tours (www.socalfoodtours.com). Milligan tours clients around Coronado, an island-like peninsula just across the bay from downtown San Diego. She teaches clients about the history and culture of Coronado, while introducing them to unique restaurants and area businesses. Learn more by contacting her at [email protected]

Do you have a food-related profit center like this? If so, please share details with editor in chief Sandy Todd Webster at [email protected]