In early January a subway ad campaign developed by the New York City Department of Health that slams oversized portions of food and beverages greeted public-transit riders. Perhaps other U.S. cities should take a bite of the Big Apple’s ideas: its awareness campaigns over the past 5 years have helped reverse the childhood obesity trend by 5.5%.

In another creative ad campaign, South African fast-food chain Wimpy® recently emphasized the availability of Braille menus in its restaurants by filming commercials of blind people reading messages that Wimpy chefs had spelled out in sesame seeds on burger buns. A crafty warm-fuzzy marketing motive? Indeed. Nonetheless, the commercial, which went viral on social media, is sweet:

According to an ABC News report from December 24, 2011, a TSA agent confiscated a traveler’s red velvet cupcake because he felt the vanilla-bourbon icing was “gel-like enough” to pose a security risk. A healthy diet risk, perhaps, but air safety? All things in moderation.