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Here’s a taste of what’s cooking in
the world of nutrition:

Researchers at the University of Iowa and the University of Michigan Health System found that people with kids living at home routinely ate 4.9 grams more fat—and more cheese, ice cream, beef, pizza and salty snacks—than adults who did not
live with children under age 17.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned the makers of Xango, a tropical fruit beverage, to stop making false claims that the drink can prevent or treat cancer, depression, infections or Alzheimer’s

New York magazine just released its list of best restaurants in the Big Apple; apparently, some eateries feature country-themed, haute barnyard fare consisting of crispy squares of scrapple and whole, barbecued hogs shipped in from Iowa.

Get ready to wash down that barnyard fare with the latest designer waters, such as Bling H2O, which retails for up to $75 for a liter bottle with the water’s name spelled in Swarovski crystals, according to a recent Today show segment; the latest trend is for restaurants to pair these pricey waters with menu items, as is
currently done with wine, and to sell designer-water ice cubes in cocktails!

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