COVID-19, politics, doom-scrolling: There are many reasons why America’s mental health has taken a hit lately. Perhaps a way to “color yourself happy” lies in the not-yet-trendy high polyphenol diet that contain antioxidants for depression symptoms.

Researchers at Queens University Belfast discovered that adults ages 40–65 who followed a diet high in polyphenols (a type of antioxidant) from colorful foods like berries and leafy greens for 8 weeks reported fewer depressive symptoms and scored higher for physical and mental health than those placed on a low-polyphenol diet. The survey reported no differences in anxiety, stress or self-esteem between the groups.

Dietary polyphenols may affect behavior and mood through several different molecular and cellular pathways. For instance, antioxidants may reduce brain oxidative stress and inflammation. So, yes, eat the rainbow . . . and be happy about it!

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